The Problem

The digital economy has created an imbalanced world where talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. Although every one of us can fuel the digital economy with our personal data, its derived value is currently controlled only by a few entities and corporations.


If we want to create a fairer society, your data needs to work for you and not just for the richest people. We focus on three steps to create a universal and inclusive data interest rate:

  1. (Data Valuation) Determine a fair valuation for data that respects the end-to-end supply chain, from the data source to AI product
  2. (Democratize Machine Learning) Enable more people to benefit from data by providing better and easier ways to distill information
  3. (Application)

Application: Nature Conservation

Our world's forests are amazing knowledge-bases, feeding the poor, providing many medicines, and preserving biodiversity and our climate, protecting us from pandemics - but forest ecosystems are in steady decline and deforestation is responsible for 17% of global emissions. The UN has developed carbon credits that rely on external monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of nature conservation, thereby by-passing a valuable funding source for communities that live on the ground.

My applied goal is to empower sustainable self-governance by effectively including them in our digital economy through data markets, community-based monitoring, and algorithm co-design.